According to a 2015 Pew Research Center survey, 37% of U.S. adult internet users between 18–29 years old use Twitter. This is up from 31% the year before. On average.

If social media teams at universities want to target the college demographic, they need to start by understanding and adapting to students' social media habits.Universities are lucky to already have a built-in community -- and Twitter is a great place for them to inform and engage with students, prospective students, alumnae/i, and faculty.

There are many universities doing well on Twitter, but we've curated 14 of the best ones we saw.


14 of the Best College Twitter Accounts

1)Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)



2)Indiana University, Bloomington

The social media team at Indiana University, Bloomington tweet out a lot of content -- but it's obvious that their posts are well thought-out in advance. For example, on Veterans Day in the U.S., they posted multiple tweets showcasing students connected to the cause. One tweet linked to an article about an IU law student who uses education to help her fellow veterans. The tweet below links to an article about a student's transition from veteran to student. All these tweets include cool, custom graphics.

他们的team likely usesa social media content calendarto plan their social media strategy well in advance for events like this one.


We love the conversational style of the University of Glasgow's Twitter feed. A tweet that could've said, "@GUCareer Fair for the sciences today" instead said, "Interested in a career in the science sector? Reminder to pop along to @GUCareers Fair TODAY [link]." They make the tweets about their followers -- something that, while it seems straightforward, many universities fail to do in their tweet copy.

They also do a great job of integrating video content into their tweets. Here's an example of a simple but uplifting Vine video of campus on a rainy day.

Finally, they run fun contests that encourage engagement on Twitter. Their contest below had a particularly punny name:#UofGtrickortweet.

4)University of Madison-Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin-Madison's tweets cover the gamut of what you'd like to see on a university's Twitter account. Their feed is a combination of timely posts (like tweets congratulating new students and award-winners), links to blog posts on UWM's news site, cross-promotion with their other social media accounts, and informative posts, like one tweet announcing how street traffic will be affected during a local marathon.

We love the playful tone of some of their tweets and their use of images and甚至GIF, which speaks to how well they know and cater to their audience. After all,tweets with images receive18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets than tweets without images.


乔治敦(Georgetown)的Twitter帐户不仅充满了有趣的文字,图片和链接,而且还做了出色的尝试,可以尝试其他许多大学尚未利用的酷炫格式,至少还没有利用这些格式。下面的推文是此实验的一个很好的例子:它具有一个有趣的学生制作的视频,该视频(直接在视频本身上的CTA中)与学校的链接在一起#georgetownstoriescampaign真的,这已经是一个cool social initiative.


Georgetown's use of video in tweets follows a trend社交媒体的考官saw coming: When they asked marketers which form of content they most wanted to learn about in 2015, producing original videos came in second after creating visual assets.


Princeton gets the information for their tweets from a wide variety of different places. They post about everything from school history and events like theatre performances and sports games, all the way to faculty accomplishments and research opportunities for students. We love that they include the official #PrincetonU hashtag right in their Twitter bio.

Speaking of hashtags, they run a lot of cool social campaigns they encourage students to participate in, like#pusocialday:

#pusocialday主题标签的长度是完美的:事实证明,hashtags with 11 or more charactersget 117% more retweetsthan those with between 6–10 characters.Keep this in mind for your nexthashtag campaign.

Finally, Princeton's social media team uses Twitter effectively to cross-promote other social media channels their students are using, like Snapchat. After all,77% of college students use the Snapchat app at least once per day,according to a study by Sumpto.


进入斯德哥尔摩大学的Twitter页面时,您会注意到的第一件事是他们的华丽的封面照片. While most universities feature a picture of campus or a stock-like photo of students in a study group laughing hysterically, these folks created their own custom graphic that striking and colorful. The school's tweets themselves have a great balance of text-only tweets, picture tweets, retweets, and evenretweets with comments.

8)Ohio State University


At the same time, they retweet a很多from their alumni account, athletics account, emergency services account, and others -- making their feed a great source of information for OSU followers looking for pertinent information.

他们找到了一些乐趣的空间。他们的#ThrowbackOSU hashtag, for example, gives followers a cool glimpse into the school's history:

9)Universidad de Buenos Aires

We love how the Universidad de Buenos Aires uses a custom graphic with a tasteful amount of text overlayfor their cover photo. Notice how they optimized the text in the graphic for Twitter: Knowing the main profile photo would appear on the left side, they placed text high up on the left and lower down on the right. They also chose an image that just enough negative space -- the more, the better, as busy photos will make the text difficult to read.

They do a great job of creating custom graphics for their tweets, too. For example, the tweet below gives information on getting a graduate degree in agribusiness. There's too much information on there to fit into 140 characters, so they put the relevant text in a colorful graphic, and linked to the image in the tweet instead.


The folks at Universidad del Valle de México do a lot of great things on their Twitter account, but they do three particularly well: use visuals to promote events, use hashtags effectively, and engage students. For example, the tweet below is a reminder for students to join and participate in the Wobi conference the university is hosting, whether it's by coming in person or engaging in conversation online using the official event hashtag,#WOBIUVM.



视觉内容比纯文本吸引更多的流量,他们非常擅长在推文中使用视觉效果。下面的推文将其固定在个人资料的顶部(我们从许多其他大学看不到的一项伟大的举动)包括他们校园的精美视频时间 - 这个话题将吸引该大学的任何一部分目标受众成员。


一种聪明的方式使用你的Twitter封面图片吗?我们e it to highlight an upcoming event. It's the first thing people see when they visit your Twitter page, making it a great opportunity to spread the word. While the cover photo above is what'll appear on NUI Galway's account on a normal day, check out the cover photo they used to promote Postgraduate Open Day

- 盖玻璃覆盖式 -  event.png

Even in the first, "normal" screenshot, though, you'll notice that the main profile photo has a little addition overlaying the main image: a heart and the words "Gaillimh 2020 Galway." Here it is up close:

That's a nod to an initiative the university heavily supports:戈尔韦的候选人资格for the 2020 bid as theEuropean Capital of Culture这是一项欧洲倡议,旨在强调欧洲各地丰富的文化多样性。

13)Butler University


Here's another example of a great, witty tweet (and we applaud them for experimenting with new Twitter features):


Here's another university with a cool cover photo: a collage showcasing a wide range of student activities. The collage conveys a message perfect for a liberal arts school: No matter your passion, you'll be able to pursue it there.

Which college Twitter account is your favorite? Share with us in the comments.


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Originally published Nov 13, 2015 8:00:00 AM, updated August 26 2017